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Testimonials From Owners

From Owners

“From my experience owning several properties from different states and after almost 1 year working with Dani and the team, the experience has been flawless. The process from the time I bought the property until it was rehab. and tenanted, the management of the property I am 100% satisfied!” -Sung from New York

“We came to Relocation Reps formerly known as RentPro Team with a very rapid set of acquisitions and a complex set of requests, and they were terrific about it. Their customer service to owners is terrific, and I especially appreciated their willingness to tweak their processes (when it made sense) and be open to feedback and process improvement. Their accessibility is great, and knowing they’re managing our properties gives us great peace of mind. We also appreciated the introduction to Northwest Bank and Trust, who were also great to work with. Corey Martin was our contact there and I highly recommend him. Our investments are critical to our retirement plan and we’re very grateful to the entire team for taking such good care of them and us.​” -Diane, Vancouver, WA​

” ​I ​have been working with Relocation ​Reps​ , formerly RentPro team and they are as honest as the day is long. My rep is Danielle and she is beyond fantastic. This whole experience and the great job they do managing my properties has giving me incentives to buy more properties. Whatever problems occur they are super efficient an resolving them in a timely manner. I highly recommend using this company for all your property management needs.​”​ ​-Frank, Staten Island, NY

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a job well done. I am investing out of state and haven’t even seen the property so I needed a property management company who I can trust and rely on. I have found services of the Relocation Reps formerly known as RentPro Team to be prompt, efficient and professional. Dani stays on top of things. I get prompt answers to questions.

Dani is such a lovely, capable lady and I am grateful to have had an opportunity to work with her.​” ​-Alpesh, San Ramon, CA

​”I have been working with Relocation Reps formerly known as RentPro Team for a long time and recently started to invest myself so I have firsthand knowledge and experience. Currently I own more than a dozen properties with them. As an extremely busy person, I love that it’s a “turnkey”, “hands off”, and “trusted” operation for me. They source the properties, manage the rehab (if not already done), screen and place the tenants, work with the cities and municipalities, manage the properties and collect rents. I just signed the appropriate documents and wire the funds on each transaction then at the end of every month, money shows up in my account. Sue and Dani and Kate are there to assist me with anything I need. These ladies and their entire team are top notch and still constantly trying to improve and be even better. I have referred many close friends and family and I would highly recommend anyone I know to them. In today’s competitive and confusing real estate investment environments, this opportunity is a NO BRAINER!!!​” -Long, Coon Rapids, MN

“The Team at Relocation Reps formerly known as RentPro Team has been fantastic. They manage two properties for me and have done a great job so far. The team is very professional and responsive. I would highly recommend them.” -Franchot, Bend, OR

“Relocation Reps has been awesome for me. I currently own 5 properties in the Quad Cities and they are managed with excellence. It is seldom that whenever there is an issue, you get an immediate response with most management companies, Danielle always does an awesome job getting back to me within a few hours as well as digs up some information that is extremely difficult to find. The excellence does not stop with Danielle, Heidi does incredible work as well with the distributions every month. Matt always has the best deals in the area. I do not know how they do it. Relocation Reps does an awesome job managing my properties and I will have them as long as possible always wondered hopefully managing many more homes for me in the future!”
-Mike, Hillsborough, NJ